Sakura and the Two Bears

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The timeframe is right after all of the cards have been captured and named Sakura Cards. School is taking place as usual. Mr. Terada announces the bad news that Eriol will be returning to England.

After school, Sakura meets with Eriol. She tells him that the news of him leaving made her feel sad. Eriol told her to remember this feeling, and when something similar to this happens, think about how it makes you feel. And I want you to think about how different it feels to me leaving. If you do, it will become clear who is truly most important to you.

Later that day, Sakura sees Syaoran (Li) outside of school, and the two walk home together. As they pass the swings, Sakura asks, "What was it you said you wanted to talk about when the stuff at Tokyo Tower was over?" Syaoran respectfully removes his hat and confesses, "The one I love the most is you." Sakura is shocked at the confession and locks herself in her room after arriving home. "How do I feel about about him?," she wonders.

The next morning Sakura and Tomoyo say their goodbyes to Eriol, Miss Mizuki, Ruby and Spinel. Miss Mizuki give the girls a souvenir from England. There is also one for Li, but she asked Sakura to give it to him. When Sakura arrives at Li's home, there are movers in front. After she hands him the souvenir from Miss Mizuki, Li tells Sakura that he is returning to Hong Kong. Sakura's heart is aching. She remembers what Eriol had told her. She races home to make Li something special.

The next morning, after working all night, Sakura receives a phone call from Tomoyo saying that Li's plane leaves at 10:00 am. It's already after 9:00 and Sakura fears she will not get to see Li before he leaves. What a surprise! Touya offers to take her on his motorcycle. Sakura arrives just before Li's bus leaves. She gives him the bear she worked so hard on and tells him the he is her number one. Li asks her to wait for him.

Time passes and Sakura is now in Junior High. The Cherry Blossom Petals are drifting in the wind, and Sakura wishes Syaoran could be there to see this. Up ahead a figure stands holding a familiar bear. When Sakura recognizes the figure, she immediately races into his arms. Her wish has come true.

NOTE: The Clear Card season has been announced to begin on January 7, 2018 in Japan, and I can't wait!