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Card Captor Sakura, The Animated Movie

Part V

Li's mother finds them and uses her magic to break open the barrier. Sakura is able to enter the dimensional tunnel, but she must search for the fortuneteller. When they come face to face, again the woman asks for Clow. It seems she has waited for him a very long time. Kero tells her that Clow is dead. She refuses to believe him and angrily bursts through the dimension to the clear skies over Hong Kong. Sakura uses the fly card and goes after her. The fortuneteller uses long flowing ribbons to capture Sakura.

While captured Sakura sees a vision from the past. It is Clow giving a birthday gift to the fortuneteller. Then she hears Clow's voice telling her "Water is the thing that flows." Of course...the arrow card! Sakura releases the card, and it slashes through all of the ribbons that bind her. Sakura approaches the angry women. The truth is the fortuneteller was really in love with Clow Reed and waited all this time to tell him her feelings. (If you don't cry when you see this part, I give you lots of credit!) The women disintegrates into tears of sadness. As she is doing so, Li,Meilin, Tori and Julian appear.

The following day, while riding one of Hong Kong's many Ferrys, Sakura tells Madison that one day she will tell Julian her true feelings. Madison hopes to be there videotaping the whole thing.


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