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The Sealed Card

Page IV

Syaoran and Sakura's acting is wonderful. Just as Sakura (Princess) is telling her Prince (Syaoran) to forget about her because of the feud between their countries, the lights go out and the audience disappears. It's the work of the Void card. Soon there are only a few left. Tomoyo hands Sakura, as well as Syaoran, battle costumes requesting a promise to return safely. Once the two captors, along with their guardians, head to the amusement park, Tomoyo and Meilin disappear as well.

Each time Sakura attempts to use a card it disappears. To make matters worse, the Void card is controlling the amusement park sending out various attacks. Yue and Kerberoes do the best they can to protect Sakura, but it isn't long before they too disappear. Syaoran makes a valiant attempt to capture the card, but he vanishes before Sakura can save him.

Soon Sakura is alone, weakened, and without cards. She faces Void within a dark, eerie tower. The card proceeds to tell of her loneliness without her friends (the other cards). Sakura explains that is not the way to makes friends, and suddenly the cards return to her. The cards have chosen Sakura, because she is pure of heart. The Void allows Sakura to turn her into a card so she may stay with the others. Sakura knows she must lose her precious feelings, but nothing has happened. Due to her weakened state, it was Syaoran who is stronger. Sakura grieves, because she never confessed her true feelings. She tells Syaoran that even though he may not feel the same anymore, he will always be her number one. As she hangs her head weaping, she hears "And you're mine." It seems the HOPE card used its powers.

Sakura is overjoyed and uses the JUMP card to leap to her one and only. Syaoran tells her to wait until her full powers are back, but Sakura doesn't want to. She's waited long enough....don't you think? And another beautiful ending theme plays as everything is restored to normal.

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