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Akari Hinomoto

AGE: 11, Sixth Grade

Taiki and Akari have been friends for a long time even though she is one year younger than him. Aside from his mother, Akari probably knows him better than anyone, and is always looking out for him. When he has one of his collapsing spells, it is Akari who makes sure that he doesn’t injure himself when falling.

Akari lives with her parents and three younger siblings. She is very close to her family, which is why she gets a little homesick when in the digital world. That vulnerability led to Lilithmon's trickery in episode 11. Luckily, Akari was strong enough to break free from the evil woman digimon's clutches.

In the Digital World, Akari forms a strong bond with Cutemon mostly... but with the rest of the digimon as well. She supports Taiki in his quest to restore peace to the digital World.