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Yes! The new season of Digimon is here.  Xros Wars would be considered Season 6, and unlike Digimon Savers, we return to the trademark goggle boy.  This section of AnimeAdmirers will contain Images, Summaries, and info on the Anime itself.  Sorry, but we are not a download site.  However, you can check out the “Extras” area to find a link called “Where is?”  That link will contain information on sites that may contain episodes such as YouTube.

As with all sections, please see my Main Page to determine if updates occurred.  If you have suggestions or requests, please go to “Extras” and enter your request in the Guestbook.  Even though I work full time, requests are important to me.  That’s about it…. Please enjoy looking around.

Digimon Xros Wars Storyline

Taiki Kudo is a young middle school boy, who wanted to help everyone.  He never turned down a request even at the expense of his own health.  So when he heard a strange voice that sounded like it was about to die, Taiki raced to see where it was coming from.  That voice was from the Digimon, Shoutmon.

Taiki is given a digivice called a Xros Loader and before he knew it, he and his friends, Akari Hinomoto and Zenjiro Tsurugi, are transported to the Digital World. While there, he learns that the Digital World is in trouble due to the battles taking place with the Bagura Army. He, also, meets other humans that have formed digimon teams, but are they friend or foe?
We'll soon find out!