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Kiriha Aonuma

Images from the 1st and 2nd half of the series.

AGE: 12 or 13, Seventh Grade

Kiriha is the General of Blue Flare. In the human world, he was born onto privilege, but that didn't last long. His father was the president of the Aonuma Financial Group, a large corporation which administered over more than 100 enterprises. Mr. Aonuma ruled with an iron fist and kept pushing Kiriha to grow stronger for some day he would take over the family business. Kiriha hated this pressure and would often turn to his kind mother for help.

When Kiriha was just 10 years old, both of his parents were killed in a tragic accident. His mother died first, and his father succumbed shortly thereafter. Before he passed, Mr. Aonuma begged his son to get stronger. With his parents death, the relatives that use to be so nice and even his father's trusted business associates betrayed him. He lost the house, the family fortune, everything. That's when he made the decision to be even stronger and greater than his father.

When Kiriha was sucked into the Digital World, he was elated. This was going to be his chance to prove himself. It was his goal to become the strongest General no matter who got in the way. That is why Kiriha seemed cold and calculating during most of the series.

Thanks to Deckadramon, Kiriha was able to envision the past and realize what his father was trying to do for him. Mr. Aonuma wasn’t trying to be mean; he just wanted his son to quit crying and learn to fight his own battles. Also, Kiriha learned that true strength is gained from close friends and comrades. (That’s the best explanation without getting into that mushy "love" stuff...geez…)

Kiriha's main guardian digimon are Greymon, MailBirdramon, and Deckerdramon. Also included in his army are Cyberdramon, Golemon, Gaossmon, Bombmon, Baromon, Dracomon and possibly more before the series ends.