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Taiki Kudou

AGE: 12, Seventh Grade

Taiki is the main character and goggle boy of this Season, however, he is not quite like the goggle boys of the past. And Iím not talking about appearance, because he definitely resembles the others. The biggest difference is that Taiki is not impulsive. He uses strategy before making a decision. That isÖunless one of his friends is in imminent danger. In that situation, Taiki will put himself in harms way in order to protect them (see images below for examples).

Even though he is young, Taiki's qualities are numerous. He possesses honestly, integrity, impressive intelligence, and of course, bravery. In addition, he is very athletic. Although his faults are few, Taiki does have one troubling problem. He is unable to turn down anyone asking for help even if it effects his own health. Because of that, Taiki has been known to over exert himself, which causes him to pass out.

Taiki's main partner digimon is Shoutmon, whom he rescued on the verge of death. In the Digital World, Taiki and Shoutmon work together leading the "Xros Heart" Army. Taiki has a red Xros Loader digivice that gives Shoutmon the capability to "Digi-Xros" (or merge/fuse) with other digimon to gain more strength. As of episode 11, Shoutmon has digiXros'd (X4 K) with Ballistamon, Dorulumon, Knightmon, and Starmon. Iím sure his power will increase as the episodes progress. We'll just have to keep watching!!