Welcome to the Digimon Adventure Tri section. Added images of episodes 14 & 15 of the latest Tri movie "Loss". Keep checking back for new updates!

Welcome to the Digimon Adventure Tri section of AnimeAdmirers. This site has been around for a while. In fact, it's going on 16 years. When it was first started, Digimon Adventure was one of the 1st sections. Therefore, it's only fitting to include Tri along with all the others.

As mentioned on other sections, this site acts like a wikipedia with a lot more organization and images. The difference is that only one person is updating it.

You'll notice that the layout is very simple. That makes it easy for one to find what they are looking for. However, don't look for downloads here. You can find them legally on Crunchyroll. Here, you'll find information, images, avatars, and more. So check it out.

About Digimon Adventure Tri

I'll get to that. Truth is.... anyone who's been a fan of anime for a while will know.

Below is the preview of the movie "Confession" that recently aired!!