Welcome to AnimeAdmirers' All About Gundam Site. Coincidentally, this year (2009) marks 30 years since the first Gundam series hit the airwaves. This site will contain information on most (if not all) of the Gundam anime series, OVA's, and movies. I will try to make it as comprehensive as possible, but that will take time. Comments and suggestions are always welcome so please feel free to add them to the guestbook located on the bottom right.

Just like all my other sections, All Gundam has been designed with simplicity and easy maneuverability in mind. For instance, when you click on the 'Characters' link, the next page will ask you what season/OVA/Movie you are interested in. Hopefully, most of you (can't please everyone) will find your information.

Note: This site does not contain downloads. I do my part in supporting the industry by buying the DVD's when they are released. If it so happens that a series was never licensed, then the Links section will have a site where you can find the unlicensed series. That seems reasonable...don't ya think?

All updates to this section are announced on AnimeAdmirers' Homepage.

One last thing: I've tested this page in IE and Firefox, and it is finally showing up fine in both. If you are using another browser and this page is not working right, sorry about that, but I'm not going to fix it. I've already pulled out enough hair trying to please two browsers.

Rambling Free.... about time I changed that!

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