Added highlights & images of the 3rd Season (Danball Senki Wars) episode 3! Keep checking back for new updates!


Welcome to the AnimeAdmirers' Little Battlers eXperience (a.k.a. Danball Senki) Section. This series is the anime adaptation of the RPG game produced by LEVEL 5. The anime takes place in the not so distant future (2050), and the latest game hype is called Little Battles eXperience or LBX for short. It involves battling small robots made of reinforced danball (corrugated fiberboard) by using flip-top, cell phone-like controllers. As the battler improves, they can enter arena style competitions to determine the strongest! However, things are not always that simple. Enter a sinister group who are creating powerful LBX for their own personal gain.

This series reminds me of a cross between Medabots & Angelic Layer (remember that one). The model robots are more intricate than Medabots. If Bandai were to distribute these action figures in North American, they would be a sure hit for boys in the 5 to 18 year-old demographic.


Young Ban Yamano loved LBX battling with his friends, but he never had an LBX of his own. One day, Ban is given a briefcase by a mysterious woman. Before running off to avoid capture, she tells the boy, "Within this lies both humanity's hope and despair." Inside the case, Ban finds a powerful robot labeled the AX-00. This isn't like other robots, its development is top secret.

Can Ban learn the secret of his new robot and stop a sinister plot that is unfolding before it's too late? Watch and see what develops!