3/14/2021 Added Images/highlights of episode 44 in the gallery. Keep checking back for more updates.

Welcome to the Zoids Wild Zero section. As you are probably aware, there is a big difference between the Zoids Wild that originally aired in 2018 and this series. This series is geared towards an older demographic.

Those who fondly remember the older anime, will be happy to see the similarities from Zoids Wild Zero and Zoids Chaotic Century. For this anime, the main staff Zoids Chaotic Century/Guardian Force and Zoids New Century Zero have teamed up again. Takao Kato is directing, Kenichi Araki is handling series composition, and Tadashi Sakazaki is in charge of character designs. I say, "Welcome back!"

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About Zoids Wild Zero

Thirty years ago, catastrophic events began occurring all around the globe. Large scale crustal deformation and unprecedented weather phenomenon took place due to a ship that arrived from space just one week prior. It was at this time that mechanical monsters called Zoids appeared. The Earth experienced a great disaster!

It is now present day. Buzz and Leo are Couriers working on a job. Leo rescues a young woman(Sally) from attacking Jamingas and Imperial Soldiers. The confrontation will change his life forever, as well as answer the question, "What caused the catastrophe of 30 years ago."