Welcome! 6/10/24 added: Images/Highlights of Season 7 Episodes 3 & 6!

Welcome to the My Hero Academia section of AnimeAdmirers. It's 2018, and this anime, along with the manga (written by the very talented & creative Kohei Horikoshi), is topping the charts in popularity. Why... you ask? Because it's just that good! I must confess that when the 1st season premiered in 2016, the weird looking characters made me believe it was a goofy children's story. I never watched one episode. That was my mistake.

Late into season 2, I caught a preview, which turned the lights on. I bought the 1st season (released by Funimation), and marathoned it in 2 days...even with working full time. I'm adding it to the site, because I love it that much. I'm aware that there are plenty of other My Hero Academia sites on the web, but for me... this is a labor of love.

About My Hero Academia

The 1st incident started when an extraordinary child was born that radiated light. After that, reports of people with super powers were showing up across the Globe. No one knew what was causing these quirks, but before long the supernatural became the totally normal. Dreams the reality. The world became a superhuman society with about 80% of the population possessing some uncanny ability. The streets looked like scenes from comic books. In a city swirled with chaos and confusion, a new profession dominated our collective consciousness. It was an age of heroes. (Narrated by Izuku in the 1st episode.)

Izuku Midoriya wasn't born with a quirk, but he dreamed of becoming a hero. Then a chance encounter with the World's greatest hero made his dreams a reality. This is the story of Izuku and how he became the greatest hero of all time.

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