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Card Captor Sakura, The Animated Movie

Part I

First of all,the movie I have is wide-screen with English subtitles. That meant I needed to crop (cut) every image. I had to include some of the subtitles so you could see how funny some parts were especially when Tori is teasing poor Sakura. I am going to write the summary using the English names, but be aware the proper Japanese names are: Tori (Touya), Julian (Yukito), Madison (Tomoyo), Li (Li Syaoran), Meilin (Meiling)...with Sakura and Kero being the same.


An exciting capture is taking place, but it is not easy. Finally, with the assistance of Li and Kero, Sakura is able to capture the ARROW card. Later that evening, Sakura has a confusing dream. A dream which places her underwater, but yet, she is able to breathe. The next morning the dream is soon forgotten, because it's report card day. Li is nervously waiting for Mr. Terada to call his name. At the same time, Sakura and Madison are quite happy with their grades. Meilin, however, was upset. She was expecting perfection. Finally Li's name is called and relief washes over him. He feels he can proudly show his mother his report card.

After school Sakura and Madison visit one of their favorite shops. There is a contest taking place with the grand prize being a trip to Hong Kong. The person drawing a special colored ball will win. Sakura mysteriously draws that ball from the box. She is the winner! At home, Sakura is reminded that her father has a business trip. Tori agrees to go, and he will ask Julian as well. Sakura is elated (she is crazy about Julian)!

The day of departure. Madison (who is also going) is filming Sakura's every move. Tori, being the typical older brother, tricks Sakura into thinking she had to remove her shoes before boarding the plane. Poor embarassing. Once boarded, Julian thanks Sakura for including him on their trip. Soon they arrive in Hong Kong.

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