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Card Captor Sakura, The Animated Movie

Part II

They've arrived in Hong Kong. It's beautiful. After checking into their hotel, Sakura and the others do some sightseeing. That evening Sakura has that same mysterious dream. What could it mean?

The next morning, after a very large meal which Julian ordered (in the U.S. we call it Dim-Sum), the group decides to go to the famous Bird Street. While there, Sakura gets the feeling she is being watched. That feeling increases with the appearance of two beautiful white birds. She begins to chase after them with the help of the fly card. Sakura is led to a remote area. There stands an old, abandoned well. She is unusually drawn to it. She becomes hypnotized. Just as she is about to enter the well, Li arrives and jars her out of her sleepy state. Whoops...not fast enough, Li, Sakura falls into the well. At the same time, Madison has run into Meilin (literally).

Li accompanies Sakura back to bird street where an angry Tori is waiting. Sakura is soaked, so Li takes them all back to his home. Sakura and Madison are given lovely Chinese clothes to wear. Li's four sisters are very affectionate to the girls until their attention is drawn to Tori and Julian. Li is very embarassed, by all this. (Kero's comments are hilarious!)

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