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Card Captor Sakura, The Animated Movie

Part III

Suddenly, Li stands at attention as a very beautiful woman enters the room. She is his mother. She senses Sakura's power and a clow card. To become better aquainted, she invites them to stay the evening. Li's sisters are overjoyed!

When darkness falls, Sakura experiences that strange dream again, but this time it becomes more realistic. She finds herself captured by a mysterious, yet puzzling women. Sakura awakens screaming and finds that her wrist is bruised. Upon hearing the commotion, Li's mother investigates. She performs magic and determines that it was not good fortune that brought Sakura to Hong Kong. She was sent for.

The next day Sakura and friends set out to see the sights, however, Li was instructed to accompany them to give Sakura additional protection. At one shop Sakura spots a beautiful hair accessory. Julian buys it for her, causing Li to experience that green-eyed monster (jealousy)! Just then the white doves appear overhead. They take flight and send Sakura into a wild chase! Her chase leads her to a dimly lit antique shop. There she finds a very old journal whose cover depicts the women in her dream.

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