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Card Captor Sakura, The Animated Movie

Part IV

The book has sent Sakura into a trance-like state. Kero tries desperately to keep Sakura from opening the book, but she succeeds just when Li and the others have entered the shop. The shop fills with water and seems to swallow everyone. Li and Sakura find themselves in a strange wet dimension surrounded by raging water. Floating above them is the mysterious women from Sakura's dream. She has taken the others captive in large crystal bubbles. The women angrily asks for Clow.

Li and Sakura attempt to rescue the others. Sakura is able to rescue Madison, but Li is captured when he tries to release Meilin. He tells Sakura to run! It's close...but Sakura, Madison and Kero make it to the exit and back to the antique shop. Sadly the book that led them to that dimension is gone. Now they must think of a strategy to rescue the others.

Back at their hotel, Kero begins to recall a fortureteller who challenged Clow long ago. She too must have passed on, but her magic spirit lives on. They must find a way to get back to her. Sakura recalls the well she was drawn to initially...that must be the entrance. After Madison dresses Sakura in new battle attire, they head for the well. Unfortunately, they find that a barrier has been put up around it.

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