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The Sealed Card

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Again,the movie I have is wide-screen with English subtitles. That meant I needed to crop (cut) every image. I had to include some of the subtitles so you could see how funny some parts were. This summary I will write using their Japanese names: Tori (Touya), Julian (Yukito), Madison (Tomoyo), Li (Li Syaoran), Meilin (Meiling)...with Sakura and Kero being the same.


The movie opens with Sakura and Kero viewing a video Tomoyo has made. It shows a great capture by Sakura, but after it ends, it slips into a old capture involving Syaoran. Sakura recalls Li professing his feelings, and she wants to do the same. However, she wants to tell him face-to-face.

The next day Sakura heads to school where she is rehearsing her role as the princess in the Nadeshiko Festival's main event. It is a sad play about a prince and princess who fall in love despite the fighting between their countries. Takashi was chosen to play the prince. With the hustle and bustle of the fair and her thoughts of Syaoran, Sakura doesn't notice the presence of "The Void" card.

Another day's rehearsal comes and goes. Afterwards Tomoyo and Sakura go over to the amusement park which was built in the center of the fair. Suddenly Sakura senses a presence and runs in it's general direction. Bamm! Sakura runs right into...none other than...Syaoran! They are both pretty shocked to see each other, when Meilin pops up. The four find a small playground to talk. While swinging on the swings, Meilin tells Sakura that her engagement to Syaoran has been cancelled. You see, she wants to marry someone who loves her the most.

That evening Syaoran goes to Sakura's home for dinner...the result of a plot to get the two of them together by Tomoyo and Meilin. Sakura is very nervous (spilling sugar), and she is about to confess her feelings when.....

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