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The Sealed Card

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Kero shows up, and he is not very happy to see that Syaoran is in town. Sakura returns to the kitchen to prepare dinner, while Kero and Syaoran exchange banter. After dinner Touya arrives home with Yukito. Big brother is obviously angered to see Sakura's visitor. Syaoran knows when it's time to leave and makes his exit.

The next morning Meilin and Syaoran show up at school where everyone happily greets them. After a full day of school and rehearsal, Sakura, Syaoran, Meilin, and Tomoyo go out to get some soft drinks. On their way Sakura notices that a mailbox is missing. That evening she writes a letter to Eriol informing him of the strange events.

The new day brings a dress rehearsal. A beautiful song plays in the background as we watch Syaoran admiring Sakura in her lovely dress. Afterwards the foursome wander the Festival streets. Tomoyo and Meilin run off together leaving Syaoran and Sakura alone. Again Sakura tries to profess her feelings, but who should appear wearing a rabbit costume....Touya. Yukito notices that the young cardcaptor was interrupted and buys everyone ice cream. While eating a card flies out of Sakura's bag, but she does not notice. On the way home Sakura notices a bridge that has partially disappeared. She informs Kero, but he assumes there isn't a problem since Eriol is gone and all of the cards have been captured.

A new day brings fun at the amusement park. The four friends enjoy the rides as well as various treats. Again Tomoyo and Meilin plot to get Syaoran and Sakura alone, and the Ferris Wheel is the perfect solution. Sitting quietly in their own compartment, Sakura attempts to tell Syaoran when.....

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