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The Sealed Card

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Another card flew out of Sakura's deck, but this time they noticed. The two exit the ride and give chase to the card. This leads them to the fun house where they find THE card that is causing the trouble. When Sakura attemps to capture it (appears as a young girl), more cards disappear from her deck. The card demands her friends back. When Sakura arrives home unsuccessful, she receives a call from Eriol explaining the card. It was the sealed "Void" card which was under Clow Reed's home. It must have been released when the house was demolished for the amusement park. The card is very strong, but once it is captured things will return to normal. To capture it, however, one person (the one possessing the strongest magic) must lose their most precious feelings.

The next day Sakura has trouble concentrating at rehearsals. Afterwards, she tells Syaoran what Eriol has said. She sadly tells him she does not want to lose her most precious feelings and live without love in her life. Syaoran tells her she must do what is needed, and this upsets Sakura. She runs off in the rain where she bumps into Yukito. He transforms to Yue, and consoles her.

The big day is here. Just as everyone is preparing, the Void card strikes again requiring Sakura's use of the sleep card. Once the commotion is over and everyone begins to wake up, we find that Yamazaki has injured his arm/shoulder. Syaoran must take his place in the play.

That evening, after an enchanting song by Tomoyo, the play begins. All of the adoring parents are in the audience with the various cameras. The Prince and Princess look beautiful as they dance together during a masquerade ball.

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