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Welcome to the Digimon Universe: Appli Monsters section of AnimeAdmirers. AnimeAdmirers has carried information on all Digimon series starting from the 1st anime dating back to before this site even existed. things have changed. Technology has made major strides since then. The World Wide Web, Cel Phones, and Apps dominate life as we know it. It's no surprise that Digimon has progressed technologically as well. This series began airing in Japan in the Fall of 2016. Hopefully, it will hit North American shores.

As mentioned on other sections, this site acts like a wikipedia with a lot more organization and images. The difference is that only one person is updating it.

Again, the layout is very simple. That makes it easy for one to find what they are looking for. However, don't look for downloads here. Here, you'll find information, images, avatars, and more. So check it out.

About Digimon Universe: Appli Monsters

AppMon are a form of self-aware artificial intelligence, that reside within applications. When in the real world they are usually limited to residing within an AppMon CHIP, but they can be materialized with an Appli DRIVE.

Right now, a sinister artificial intelligence in the Dark Web has started to make its way around the Net Ocean. By the year 2045, artificial intelligence will overtake us. Leviathan is trying to destroy our world as we know it. Everything that relies on the internet would be infected. Cel phones, vending machines, transportation, airplanes, banks, hospitals, government offices and more. Anything connected to the internet would be causing serious problems for the whole world.

Haru and Gatchmon plan to stop Leviathan not matter what, but they need the Seven-Codes to do that, but unfortunately there is no way to know where they are!