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The Flowers of Love

By: Merlock

"What Bindi can't you see I'm Hiding," Merlock whispered under his breathe, " If Sarah catches me in here I'm done for."


Merlock was wacked to the ground By Bindi's huge smack. Merlock rubbed his cheek. He was inside a flower shop, but he had been lying. It was not the fact that Sarah would see him he'd be done for. Oh no. It was really the fact that he was buying flowers for Sarah, and he did not want BINDI to find out, and if she did, she'd probably smack him so hard he'd go flying into space. Just the thought made Merlock clench his teeth, still rubbing his cheek he got up and thought of a way to lose Bindi. He got it!

He suddenly then shouted with all his might "NEW MAKEUP FOR SALE FOR LESS THEN 50p."

Bindi and all the girls stampeded out of the flower shop. Merlock then as fast asa he could, ran, got the flowers, grabbed 2 bucks out of his wallet and put them on the desk, grabbed a plastic bag to put the flowers in {to hide them from Bindi}, but then he heard the footsteps of angry girls.

One of them said, "It was him," and pointed at Merlock.

Merlock could only fit in two words. "Uh-oh," with that he ran down Cherrytree Street as fast as he could. He then thought he could lose them in the town square! The girls were getting closer and closer to him all the time. "Think Merlock think," he murmed to himself." Thats it... the maze and he headed towards but he was getting slower and slower and his feet were starting to drag behind. But little did Merlock know Bindi knew the maze upside down. He ran into it but as he did Bindi led the girls off in the opposite direction. He ran through it and out the other end. He ran a little longer to the top of Oak Pine hill then collapsed against the oaktree. Then he saw Bindi slowly floating up the hill.

"I'm not one, for cross country," he panted.

"Where is my thank you then," Bindi shouted.

"Why do I have to say thanks to you, you didn't do anything." Merlock panted again.

BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM, and with that Bindi smacked him so hard he fell down the hill.

When at the bottom, Merlock tryed to stand up but he couldn't, he had twisted his ankle. Then he saw Sarah and the others in trouble. Merlock was in incredible pain his ankle was starting to swell up.

"Sarah!!" Merlock shouted he tryed to stand up but he couldn't, he just fell down again.

Then something caught his eye the herb Fantastanio, he grabbed it and mixed it with some water then rubbed it on his ankle, in two seconds it was better. He got up and ran. It was not too late to save Sarah. With a flash he identified the Time shifter. But then he saw Pettra Fina, she was holding a control. He took his cloak off and threw it. Pettra fina then grabbed the control and turned it off.
Then he ran to Sarah, she was very weak.

"Merlock thank goodness you've come," She whispered.

"Hush don't talk I'll get you somewhere safe," Merlock whispered back and picked her up and brought her to a log house near the forest.

"Bindi look after Sarah whilst I get the others," said Merlock and he ran outside. A few minutes later Merlock came back dragging the others behind him.

Sarah sat up and looked and said, "Merlock thank you," and threw something to him.

He looked at it. It was a note, it said:

    Thank you I know you have been saving me
    for a long time, and I just wanted to say, Thanks.

It touched Merlock's heart. Then he remembered.
"Sarah these are for you," he said blushing and gave her the flowers.
"Gee Thanks," Sarah said.
Bindi then lead Merlock out of the log house.
"Merlock, I am so sorry I didn't mean to hurt you. I didnt even mean to make you fall down the hill, Im Sorry." Bindi cried.
"Apology excepted." Merlock replied as they walked towards the sunset.

The end (For Now)


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