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A Shrine to Merlock the Time Detective

The year is 2011, which means AnimeAdmirers's has been up for 10 years! When this site was started, it carried info on only 3 anime. They were Digimon, Cardcaptors, and Flint the Time Detective. Merlock was my first anime crush so what better way to immortalize him than a shrine.

Merlock made his first appearance in episode 5 Mosbee uttering the words, "I can help you" to Sarah when she was left alone when the others were frozen by Mosbee. After he helps her, Merlock wants a kiss as a reward, and he is almost successful thanks to the hypnotizing abilities passed down from his vampire clan. Unfortunately, he does not succeed when Flint sneezes and sends poor Merlock flying. When Sarah comes out of her spell, she isn't sure if she was dreaming. And that's the start of a beautiful relationship.

Merlock's 1st appearance in episode 5. What a charmer! He develops and huge crush on Sarah, which continues throughout the series.

After that episode, the mysterious Merlock would appear whenever Flint and the others were in trouble. He would help them and then have an unexpected mishap that would emphasize his clumsiness.

It wasn't until episode 12 (Bindi) that Merlock's true identity and intentions were revealed. He was actually a Time Detective and sent to keep an eye on Flint and the others.

Merlock met Bindi in episode 12, where he vowed to protect the small shifter. From then on, the two were inseparable. Although Merlock was pretty accident prone before, Bindi has been the source of many additional mishaps.

In the episode, "The Uglinator," Merlock's mind is taken over. He turns against his friends and even fights in an arena type competition with Flint. When Sarah almost restores his memory, the Uglinator turns the boy into Merlock-con. Luckily, Getalong (with the power of love) and Flint are able to change him back to normal.

Merlock was so traumatized by the Uglinator incident that he actually handed in his resignation. However, he soon realized that Sarah and the others really needed him and changed his mind.

In the end, Merlock worked along side Flint and the others in defeating the Dark Lord thus restoring the tapestry of the Earth.