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The time shifters are fairies that assist the Old Timer in preserving the tapestry of history. They can enhance their appearance and abilities by shape shifting into master form. However, if they are controlled by an evil force, they shape shift to an evil shifter that cannot be fossilized.


Artie                           Artiecon


Artie has the ability to make drawings come to life. When he becomes Artiecon, his long sharp beak can drill into anything. As Artiemaster, he possesses great strength.


Batterball                      Batterballcon


Batterball has the power to instill athletic prowess in anyone. He also can change anything into a baseball. When under Petra's control as Batterballcon, his attack is Petra-pitch in which he continues to hit balls at tremendous speed at his target(s). As Batterballmaster, he has the ability to hit flaming homeruns.


Bindi                           Bindicon


Bindi's original shifter ability is unknown, however, when under Petra's control, she is able to absorb the energy from any life force and give that life force to other objects. As Bindicon, she sucks the energy from her enemy and becomes stronger. As Bindimaster she becomes an angel-like fairy that emits beauty and goodness.


Bubblegum                       Bubblegumcon


Bubblegum uses his guns to put bubbles around people or objects. (If anyone knows what bubblegumcon does, let me know). Bubblegummaster has the ability to attack by shooting stinging bubbles.


Bugsy                           Bugsycon

Bugsy, using his magnifying glass, has the power to turn anything into a bug. As the evil Bugsycon, he not only uses his sickle-like arms to attack, but also attacks using his morphing rays. I don't believe Bugsymaster ever made an appearance.

The Cardians

Cardians                        Cardiancon


The Cardians are 4 heroes that each have their own special abilities: Blademan-expert swordsman, Thud-the all powerful (very strong), Arrowman-the archer, and Snapper-camera whiz. As the evil Cardiancon, they all combine to make one powerful jester-like beast, but no real attack is ever shown. When Cardianmaster is called upon, they again combine to form an expert knight in shining armour.


Change                          Changecon

Change is very rich and anyone who comes in contact with him becomes very wealthy. He seems to hypnotize people using the persuasion of gold. As Changecon, he blasts gold bullions at his enemies. Again, Changemaster never made an appearance.


Coconaut                        Coconautcon


Coconaut has power over the wind, water, and rain. Under Petra's control he uses this power to attack usually chanting, "I call upon the wind and rain to bring the time detectives pain!" (Nice, huh!) As Coconautmaster, he can blast the enemy with water and other acts of nature.


Dipper                          Dippercon


Dipper has the uncanny ability to find water anywhere. Under Petra's evil spell as Dippercon his attack is Petra-broil or Petra-toast where he shoots fire from his trunk at his enemy. As Dippermaster, he also shoots fire but on the side of goodness. INTERESTING TIDBIT: Dipper and Mosbee are brothers.


Doron                           Doroncon

Doron has the power to scare anyone by spitting out illuminous spooks. In his evil Doroncon form he becomes enormous and throws axes at his opposition.