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The time shifters are fairies that assist the Old Timer in preserving the tapestry of history. They can enhance their appearance and abilities by shape shifting into master form. However, if they are controlled by an evil force, they shape shift to an evil shifter that cannot be fossilized.


Moah                            Moahcon


Moah is the guardian of "Rapa Nui" also known as Easter Island (1722). (I love the internet!) He helps the friendly natives plant food. He is anything but friendly when he is under Petra's spell as Moahcon. He has a volcanic Molten lava attack that will surely burn into your memory. As Moahmaster, he is able to communicate with the giant stone "Moai" to produce a seawall preventing a tidal wave from destroying the island.


Monk                            Monkcon

Monk is an expert samurai. As Petra's evil Monkcon, he can shoot spikes to capture his enemy. Monkcon is also a super weapons samurai, however, he relies too much on them which is a weakness that Flint takes advantage of. Monkmaster was never shown.


Mosbee                          Mosbeecon


Mosbee is capable of freezing anything. While under the Petra stamp of evil as Mosbeecon, his attack is the Petra-freeze. As Mosbeemaster, he annihilates the enemy using his freeze blast.


Muscles                         Musclescon


Muscles can make anyone strong by simply touching them. When Petra stamps him and he becomes Musclescon, he can quickly tie up his opponent with elastic ropes or knock them out cold with his shooting iron balls. However, as Musclesmaster, he has enormous fighting strength in order to protect the side of goodness.


Musey                           Museycon


Musey had the ability to recognize beautiful music. He can use music to overpower people's emotions. As Petra's Museycon, he has a heavy melody attack, and is also capable of knocking one out with a bad note. (Hee, hee, who thinks of this stuff!!) When the tides turn and he is Museymaster, he can wrap his opponent up in sheetmusic. (That's a wrap!)


Nightcap                        Nightcapcon

Nightcap has the power to put living things to sleep. What a nightmare when he is under Petra's spell of evil as Nightcapcon. He uses his Petra-confusion attack which causes even the best of friends to fight. Nightcapmaster never made an appearance.


Orbit                           Orbitcon


Orbit is the time shifter of encouragement. She encouraged Flint to go on and fight in the Land of Dread when things looked pretty bleak. She becomes very powerful as Orbitcon which allows her to break through walls. I can't remember what her attack is as Orbitmaster...Let me know if you do.


Plumella                        Plumellacon

Little Plumella is gifted with artistic brilliance, and she has the power to turn anything into a painting. (Eeek...they've been framed). When Petra gets her hands on this cute little shifter, she becomes Plumellacon and attacks with her Petra-bash or Petra-pulverize shooting colorful goo from her hands. Plumellamaster never made an appearance.


Raldo                           Raldocon


Raldo has the power to send out a beam which captures objects into his shell. Look out for that shell when he is under the spell of Petra as Raldocon, because he attacks shooting large chystal-like spikes. He can also become a large rolling ball of chrystal spikes. (Ouch!) As Raldomaster, his attack is the Raldo-freeze.