The first OAD, entitled Ilse's Notebook, was released with the limited edition of volume 12 of the manga. (OAD stands for Original Animation DVD.)

OAD 01 - Ilse's Notebook

The 2nd OAD, was released with limited edition volume 13 of the manga.

OAD 02 - The Sudden Visitor: The Torturous Curse of Youth!

OAD 03 coming soon!

A two-part OAD closely following the No Regrets manga, depicts how Levi came to be part of the Survey Corps. (Strongest man in the World....gotta be that coffee!)

No Regrets - The Birth of Levi OVA - Part I

No Regrets - The Birth of Levi OVA - Part II

Two films are planned, however, they appear to be recaps of the anime. If that is the case, I won't be adding their information here.

A three-part OAD following the Lost Girls manga by Hiroshi Seko features Annie and takes place between episodes 13 and 17 of Season I.

Lost Girls Part I - Wall Sina, Goodbye *