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Kiss of the Black Widow
by Hybrid Digimon Grey

Saito finds himself in an interesting predicament....a battle with a beautiful woman ninja. Has he met his match or someone very special? Read and enjoy the ironic change of events!

Chapter: * 1 *... * 2 *... * End *

Blades of Blood
by Hybrid Digimon Grey

After the battle with Shishio, everyone hoped that things would calm down. That would not be the case. Kenshin and the others are about to meet their deadliest foe ever. Could this being be from another world?

Chapter: * 1 *... * 2 *... * 3 *... * End *

Rurouni Kenshin: The Silent Sword
by Moguera

Seijuro Hiko, beloved Master to Kenshin, has found himself a new apprentice...a boy who witnessed the death of his family at the hands of the Battousai (ironic isn't it?). So traumatized by the incident, the boy was left mute, but that didn't deter him from learning swordsmanship. After years of perfecting his skill, the boy is ready to go out on his own...with one condition. Until he finds a replacement, Seijuro will not let him leave. Who will replace him? What are his intentions now that he has mastered his skill? How does young Soujiro fit into this scenario? Read this exciting fic, but be will leave you thirsting for more!

Part: * Prologue *.. * 1 *.. * 2 *.. * 3 *.. * 4 *

* 5 *.. * 6 *.. * 7 *.. * 8 *

Return of Kurogasa
by Sora Himura

Kurogasa is back and has vowed revenge against everything Kenshin holds dear. Will the thought of losing Miss Kaoru forever prompt him to admit his true feelings? Read and Enjoy!!

Part: * Full Story *

Rurouni Kenshin Highschool Madness
by Sora Himura

AU fic that takes place during present day Japan. All your favoite Kenshin characters are in highschool. Just how does one mix sword wielding with homework??? Read and enjoy!

Part: * 1 *... * 2 *... * 3 *... * 4 *... * 5 *

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Wind Scar
by Blaque Midnyte

AU Kenshin and Sanosuke are asked by the Lord of the Tokyo and Kyoto regions to help save the country against a group of assassins. More then willing, they agree and they are pulled into a myraid of dangerous encounters. But one leaves them wondering if there is more behind the assassins then there appears to be at the surface, and a whole new web of lies and deceit is revealed.

Part: * 1 *

Genesis: Chaos
by Blaque Midnyte
Rated PG for blood and violence.

It has been one year since the fates brought together five outstanding warriors to make or destroy Japan - Kenshin Himura, Sanosuke Sagara, Saitou Hijame, Soujiro Seta, and Aoishi Shinomori. They thought fate would be kind to them and let them live in peace. Ah, but, the fates are never so kind. Now, their destinies are intertwined. By a freak act, they rip open worm holes and are sent plummeting into a very revolutionized Japan under the rule of a cruel dictator and ravaged by war. To save the country they love and to ever see their own Japan, they must unite and free this future world. But they're not only battling a dictator of tremendous power, they're battling the will of the fates as well.

Part: * 1 *

Rurouni Kenshin: Backwards Hurled
by Rika Wannabe

A young woman is hurled back to Meiji Era Japan, where she meets who other than Himura Kenshin and co.! Thrilled as she is to be there, she wants revenge against the guy who sent her back in time. As Kin discovers who she is in this new time and place, she must fight against her emotions and her feelings in order to become the Kurai no Ookami that she is supposed to be. But, for all that she wants revenge on the man who is the cause of her time traveling, she doesn't know if she can carry out what she feels it is her destiny to do...

Part: * Prologue *... * 1 *