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NOTE: Most of these fics are 10 years old or more. Fanwork Feedback no longer exists.

Beauty and the Beast
by Bianca

Li has been a naughty little sorcerer, which results in his transformation to a hideous beast. He must change his evil ways and find someone who can love him in his current state. Will Sakura be the girl of his dreams or does she hide a dangerous secret??

Chapter: * Full Story *

Mistrusted or Betrayed
by Tsumeimei Star

Sakura is betrayed by everyone she holds dear. What is causing their deceptions? Either wonder why or read this fan fiction to unfold the mystery.

Chapter: * Full Fic *

Cardcaptor Kirin
by Faunamon

When Sakura discovers she has a twin sister, the biggest shock of all isn't family reunions. Kirin Kinamoto is cute, brave, and the only one who can capture the Adele Cards - go figure. The two sisters don't remember each other at all, but Kirin's being a Cardcaptor may help them to figure out why. When Sakura and Kirin team up to save the world, anything can happen... and it all leads up to the most mysterious card of all.

Chapter: * 1 *

Cards of Destiny
by Digibud303

If Sakura and Li thought everything was over, they were wrong. New challenges are about to meet up with our friends. Read my stories to find out, new chapters being added.

Chapter: * 1 *... * 2 *... * 3 *... * 4a *... * 4b *

Recollecting Lost Memories
by Li Na Ming Yue

Sakura misses Lee. Can Madison help?

Chapter: * 1 *

Switches of Emotions
by Siko Hiiragisawa

New menaces have come into Sakura's world, and Li has come to help.

Chapter: * 1 *

Angel Leaders
by Tsumeimei Star

Sakura and her friends are angels, princesses, warriors, and princes. But there's a little twist in this Fan Fiction. Read to find out.

Chapter: * Full Fic *

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