Beyblade G Revolution is essentially Beyblade's Season 3. We welcome back the character designs from Season 2. Also, look for new characters to be introduced....including one by the name of Daichi (name may change in the dub version). Seems that in this Season team members have split up and find themselves competing with one another. Can Tyson hold his title or is a new kid destined to reign as king of the beybladers???

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This is Hilary, who was introduced in Beyblade V-Force. I call her the Bladebreaker's groupie.

Have you seen a picture of Tyson's english dub voice actor? What a cutie!!

The White Tigers are back. See how "kawaii" Mariah looks.

This is "Shippu no Jin". Hair color makes me wonder if he's any relation to Kai. Just how do you breathe with that mask on???

Hair's getting longer, shirts are getting shorter, and muscles getting bigger. Oh Yeah!

Ray's either concentrating really hard or suffering from a severe bout of constipation.

Max meets up with the American team in this season.

Did you notice they're all wearing gloves. Funny...blading doesn't give me blisters?.

This is Daichi. (He reminds me of Rintaro in Medabots)

Drool...slobber...pant...Kai looks so good here!

Looks like it's going to be another great season!!!

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