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Useful Strategies

There are many things that can make one Beyblade better than another. Here are just a few things that I picked up from watching the series. These are all I know so far, because I've missed a lot of episodes. Sorry.

    1. The heavier the blade the more stability it has.

    2. To defeat a heavier blade, you will need one that is 4 times faster. To do that Tyson made his winder 2 times longer and also added a running start techinque to give his blade 4 times the spin.

    3. Kai's Beyblade feeds off the energy of his opponents.

    4. Wool on a Beyblade allows it to absorb a strong attack and send it back with more force.

    5. An oversized Beyblade creates a downward force so a wind attack will make it seem heavier. Get the blades off the ground, then use the wind attack to blow the opponent away.

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