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     1. Shot Down in Flames!
     2. The Search for Mr. X * new *
     3. Unseen and Unleashed * new *
     4. Searching for Dragoon * new *
     5. Guess Who's Back in Town? * new *
     6. The Magtram Threat * new *
     7. The Reunion Begins * new *
     8. Return of the Bladebreakers! * new *
     9. La Isla Bey-Nita * new *       
    10. The Island of No Return * new *
    11. The Evil Island of Dr. B
    12. Bring Me Dranzer * new *   
    13. Testing One, Two, Three     
    14. Gideon Raises Gerry!
    15. Show Me the Bit-Beasts!
    16. Team Psykick's New Recruit
    17. Prelude to Destiny / Hilary's Bey-B-Cue
    18. When Friends Become Foes
    19. Their Own Private Battles
    20. The Power Half Hour!!
    21. The Battle Tower Showdown
    22. Max Takes One for the Team
    23. The Bigger the Cyber-Driger..The Harder It Falls
    24. Ghost in the Machine
    25. Raising Kane!!           
    26. Cyber Dragoon Takes Control!
    27. Building the Perfect Bit Beast!
    28. Hot Rock              
    29. A Friend's Cry / Bad Seed in the Big Apple
    30. Get a Piece of the Rock!
    31. Attack of the Rock Bit Beast
    32. Lots of Questions...Few Answers
    33. Rock Bottom!
    34. Itzy Bey-Itzy Spider
    35. See No Bit Beast, Hear No Bit Beast
    36. Friends and Enemies   
    37. Battle at the Bit-Beast Corral
    38. The Fate of The Spark Battle
    39. The Bit Beast Bond         
    40. Squeeze Play               
    41. Who's Your Daddy?
    42. Fortunes Dear and Dire     
    43. Kai's Royal Flush
    44. The Calm Before the Storm
    45. Zeo vs. Ozuma          
    46. Black & White Evil Powers
    47. Deceit from Above   
    48. Phoenix Falling  
    49. The Enemy Within          
    50. Clash of the Tyson          
    51. Destiny of the Final Battle

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