As you are aware, the commentators are Brad Best and A.J. Topper. Then you have your announcer of D.J. Jazzman. If you are paying attention, you can catch some of the most hilarious dialogue. I'm going to list some:

"Can Kai keep up his attacks?" (DJ Jazzman)
"Can Johnnie get his bit beast free in time?" (DJ Jazzman)
"Do I really need to shout like this?" (DJ Jazzman)

"Can you feel the electricity!!!" (Brad Best)
"Ah, Brad, your microphone cord is frayed." (A.J. Topper)

"Welcome once again to the Asian Tournament in beautiful...uh...downtown...uh.." (Brad Best)
"We're in China, Brad, it's a country." (A.J. Topper)

"Yikes! You can smell that bears bad breath all the way up here!" (Brad Best)

"Hey, it's time to roll back the floor and see what's in store. Hey! I'm a poet and didn't even know it!" (Brad Best)

"He'll be dancing with Fernando who has one oily Beyblade." (A.J. Topper)
"Care to elaborate, A.J.?" (Brad Best)
"I would if I knew what I meant." (A.J. Topper)

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