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On Top of The World
by Taryne G. (and a few characters by: Lisa W.)

The young Trinna has had the wildest past. But, nothing could ever prepare her and her teammates (Tyler, Sarah and Kyle) for what is happening. Yinfe, Trinna's X-friend, is afraid that the legend might come true. Will Trinna ever fulfill her life-long dream as a champion beside her brother, Kai? Will Trinna survive Razour's tests to see if she is worthy of such a powerful name? Trinna Quepia..... the protector of the shrine!

Chapter: * 1 *... * 2 *... * 3 *... * 4 *... * 5 *... * 6 *... * 7 *

Snowstorm In The Minivan Of Doom
by JessieHeart

The Bladebreakers are trapped in a snowstorm...How are they going to get out of this mess?!
Prepare yourself for some really good laughs!

Chapter: * Full Story *

Lost Without You
by Galux Kitty

Rating: PG-13 to be safe. Plus there's a bit of kissing...
Fluffy Ray/Mariah one-shot. Mariah remembers when Ray promised her his heart forever and goes to where he did so. But what will happen when she finds him there?

Chapter: * Full Story *

Chosen By The BitBeasts
by Starwolf

A young acquaintance of Mr. Dickinson's is joining the boys to the Chicago tournaments, but she is hiding something. Will Kai draw out her secret?

Part: * 1 *... * 2 *... * 3 *... * 4 *... * 5 *... * 6 *... * 7 *...

* 8 *... * 9 *... * 10 *... * 11 *... * 12 *... * 13 *... * 14 *... * 15 *

Don't Say Bryan
by cRaCkEdDoWn

Read about the devastating battle between Ray and Bryan from a fan's point of view. What emotions do you feel when someone you care about is being attacked???

Chapter: * 1 *... * 2 *... * Finale *

Nine Lives
by Kais-gurlfriend

The Bladebreakers have a new teammate, but she holds a secret. Read to see how her mystery effects the other team members.

Chapter: * 1 *... * 2 *... * 3 *... * 4 *

Phoenix Cry
by MayonakaTsuki

Now 16, Kai decides to check out the Balkov Abbey one more time. When returning to the hotel (in which the rest of the BladeBreakers are waiting), he carries Kaze, the current Beyblade World Champion, beaten up and unconscious. Once she tags along, memories of Kai's past in the abbey flood his mind. Only Kaze can heal Kai, and that is why Voltaire has kidnapped her.

Chapter: * 1 *... * 2 *

Beyblade A New
by Daemon

What are the mysteries that surround Kai's past at that ruthless Abbey? Why does a powerful new group of bladers resent him so much? Read to find out!! (This story takes place after the Russian Tournament.)

Chapter: * 1 *... * 2 *... * 3 *... * 4 *... * 5 *

The Way To My Heart
by funkypianist

This fic is about Mariah and her feelings after the Asian Tournament. She felt hurt after Ray stopped talking to her for a reason she did not understand and finally told herself that she was better off without him. But then she met him at the Paris Opening Tournament Ball… Ray and Mariah fans are going to love this fic!!

Chapter: * Full Story *

No One Made Me Feel This Way
by funkypianist

It's Kai's turn to break down that rough exterior and fall in love, but will Tyson or the beautiful girl's past ruin everything? Wonderful fluffy fic Kai fans will love!

Chapter: * Full Story *

Dragon's Blade
by ~=+Kaizer

Everyone that the Bladebreakers have ever met is at a HUGE reunion (if you could call it that.) . Everyone sleeps on mattresses on the floor and bicker and bickers and bickers and...Now, Bit beasts are real. Ya see, they're solid and talk and walk around. No, they're not huge. They're smaller and the owner can choose to put the Bit beast back in it's bit, or make it bigger or smaller. And so it starts...

Chapter: * 1 *... * 2 *... * 3 *... * 4 *

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