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BIT-BEAST: Dragoon (Blue Dragon)
Specialty: Storm Attack

The energetic young hero of this anime. Tyson lives with his grandfather in a beautiful dojo. Although he strives to be a number one Beyblader, Tyson also enjoys Kendo and all martial arts. After winning the Battle association's tournament, he becomes a member of the Bladebreaker's team.


BIT-BEAST: Draciel
Specialty: Fortess Defense

Max is a very friendly young boy who recently moved to Tyson's town. His father owns a Hobby Store, which happens to contain their own Beystadium. Max is also a very skilled Beyblader.


BIT-BEAST: Dizzara (Dizzi)

Brains of the group. Knows almost everything there is about Beyblading. Made one mistake - an error in judgement resulted in his bit-beast becoming trapped inside his computer. Along with Dizzi, Kenny is able to help the Bladebreakers on their road to a World Title.


BIT-BEAST: Dranzer (Red Phoenix)
Specialty Offense: Fire Arrow
Specialty Defense: Spiral Survivor

Over-confident and unfriendly, Kai was the leader of the Blade Sharks before (initially unwilling) teaming up with the Bladebreakers. His quest is to seek out those who possess blades that house an ancient bit-beast.


BIT-BEAST: Driger (White Tiger)
Specialty: Tiger Claw Attack

Very skilled Beyblader. Loves a good challenge, and he's not afraid to admit defeat. Was once a member of the White Tiger's team, but has since joined Tyson's team.


Specialty: Scratch Attack
Specialty: Cat Bites

Very talented female Beyblader and a member of the White Tigers. Mariah has very strong feelings for Ray.

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