Anyone who may not already know will be happy to learn that Beyblade 2002 is currently airing in Japan. The character designs are just a bit different, and personally, I like them better. To me they seem somewhat softer...actually, more kawaii...but that is just my opinion. You can see for yourself with the images I captured from clips obtained from the Awesome Site: Anime Intro Archive.

I can't say for sure, but with the popularity of the show,it shouldn't be long before Season 2 comes to North America.

UPDATE (Summer 2003): Beyblade 2002 a.k.a. Beyblade V-Force is heading for YTV and ABC Family within the next few months!!!

Tyson looks more innocent...don't you think?

Even Kenny looks better...Dressed very nicely too.

Ummm....I hope this guy doesn't replace the Jazzman.

Tyson's ready to take on a new opponent.

This rather sinister looking guy.....

..handed Tyson his first defeat of the new season...Awwwww...

Wow, Ray, you've been working out....

Now, Kai, you've always been pretty damn buff!

Max, you're cute, but you have a few years to catch up.

As long as Beyblades are popular, the show will go on!

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