In every anime that I watch there is always one character that stands out. For the most part, it is because of their (dare I say it) charming personality.

When we were first introduced to Ray, he seemed very brash and cocky. It isn't long before we see that he isn't like that at all. As a matter of fact, he's not afraid to admit defeat, which is a very appealing trait. We also learn that he is very sensitive to the feelings of others, but not to the extent where it infringes on just being himself. Enjoy the pictures as they show more of Ray's special characteristics.

Ray grew up in a very small village in China. He and his friends were members of the White Tigers Team.

Ray was entrusted with the Bit Beast, Driger, given to him by his friend Lee's grandfather.

The village was secluded and soon a determined Ray set out on his own to experience Beyblading throughout the world.

Ray meets up with Tyson and the others at the Asian tournament and becomes a member of the Blade Breakers Team...of which he is proud.

One thing is for sure, Ray likes to eat good food.

And he definitely prefers the female gender.

As a blader, he is strong and skillful.

But he does have an occasional loss.

As a person, he is brave & confident. Here he pushes Tyson out of imminent danger.

..with all of those qualities Ray will always be a winner in whatever challenges that he may face!

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